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Electroplating: Hull Cell Testing - Plating
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Kocour Model A83 The reciprocating agitator is designed to simulate cathode rod agitation (non-air agitation) in Hull Cell Tests. Operates 110 volt, 60 Hz, AC. Also available in 220 volt.

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Kocour Hull Cell Anodes Kocour anodes for Hull Cell tests are of high quality. Certified trace impurity analysis available. Comes in brass, copper, high phos copper, lead, nickel, silver, tin/lead (60/40), tin/lead (90/10), 316 SS and platinized titanium. One size can be used in either the 267 ml, or the 1000 ml size Hull Cell. Also available are titanium baskets and Poly bags for the anodes and baskets which provide protection against roughness in the Hull Cell deposit.

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Kocour Hull Cell Cathodes Kocour Cathodes are heavy gauge, highly polished to a mirror finish with the face surface fully protected by plastic. Available in Brass, Copper and Steel in two sizes for the 267 ml and the 1000 ml Hull Cell. Can be purchased individually, as multiples of "Each", or in a box of 50(267ml) or 100(1000ml).

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GraLab Timers ( 1 - 2 WEEK LEAD TIME!! )
Universal Timers GraLab,s Universal Timers feature an 8" dial with large numerals for elapsed time. Two separate 3-wire outlet receptacles are provided for automatic switching of external appliances. Used for Hull Cell Test timing as well as general laboratory timing uses.

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Hull Cells
In 1935, the E.I. duPont De Nemours Co. asked Kocour Company to manufacture a plating test cell developed in their laboratory. The cell, called a Hull Cell, is a miniature plating unit for producing a cathode deposit that records the character of electroplate at all current densities within the operating range. It is among the most useful tools available to the plating chemist for control of plating baths. It is an indispensable adjunct to standard analytical methods, enabling the skilled operator to determine and control the effects of addition agents, impurities and purification treatments on the plating electrolyte, many of which can be determined by no other method. Practically every plating solution can be controlled or evaluated to varying degrees by the use of the Hull Cell. Kocour Company offers a complete selection of Hull Cells, accessories and related equipment to enable the plater to effectively use this plating process control method.

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Rectifiers and Accessories
Power Supplies - Rectifiers The Kocour Rectifiers for the Hull Cell Test are expressly designed units which utilize filtered circuits capable of continuously producing minimum AC ripple. This filtered current output is essential for testing many plating baths. Kocour Rectifiers are strongly recommended for Hull Cell tests because results are misleading when single phase unfiltered current is used.

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