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Buffing and Polishing: Buffing Wheels...Allow 1-2 weeks delivery
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Bias Airways Ventilated (Hard)...Allow 1-2 weeks delivery
The work horse of the industry, can be used on almost any application. Bias cut sheeting is drawn into a center clinch ring to produce a puckered face. Cloth comes in several weights and treatments. This is the fastest cutting all cloth buff.

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Bias Airways Ventilated (Soft)...Allow 1-2 weeks delivery
Bias Airways Ventilated (Soft)

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Goblet Buffs...Allow 1-2 weeks delivery
Small, densely packed buffs for hard to reach areas. Used with mandrels or tapered screw points, they come in tapered, round end and cylinder shapes.

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Jewelers Buffs (Flannel Loose)...Allow 1-2 weeks delivery
Also manufactured of whole disc canton flannel, but with rows of concentric sewing for firmness. Basic buff in the jewelry and antique trades.

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Jewelers Buffs (Flannel Sewn)...Allow 1-2 weeks delivery
Jewelers Buffs (Flannel Sewn)

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Whole Disc Loose...Allow 1-2 weeks delivery
Largely used as a color buff. This buff is constructed of whole discs of muslin cloth sewn once around the center hole. Soft and forgiving for a scratch free finish.

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Whole Disc Sisal Sewn...Allow 1-2 weeks delivery
Sisal fiber is a form of hemp. Discs of sisal are sewn together to form a basic steel buff. Inexpensive, but effective, these buffs come untreated or treated for firmness and extra cut. Sometimes combined with cloth for better coloring.

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Whole Disc Spiral Sewn...Allow 1-2 weeks delivery
A versatile buff for hand applications. Used universally before the invention of the bias construction, use is not limited to general purpose buffing. Will not snag parts, use on complex shapes such as plumbing fixtures.

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