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Analytical Testing: Analytical Test Papers
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Analytical Test Papers

Analytical Test Papers
Colorphast pH Papers Each package contains 100 strips. We offer Universal (0- 14), Intermediate Range, and Narrow Range Papers

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EM Quant Test Strips
EM Quant Test Strips: A complete line of waste water analysis kits designed specifically for the plating industry is now available. These convenient, economical, and sensitive kits measure some metal finishing contaminants as low as 0.1 ppm. These waste water analysis kits are the plating industry’s simplest way of complying with EPA requirements. EM Quant Test strips are ideal for rapid testing and screening of all process and waste solutions. Firmly anchored test zones, impregnated with reagents, are simply dipped into the sample and color changes are compared to an easy-to-use chart.

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Indicator Papers
Miscellaneous Test Strips

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pH Papers
pH Papers: A series of over 20 different narrow range pH papers, each range covering approximately 1.5 pH units of the complete scale. Permits reading within 0.05 pH. Packaged 200 identical range test strips per box. Also available, UNIVERSAL 3 COLOR PH PAPER TRIDICATOR® ROLL - FC111 Tricolor indicator paper (pH range 1 to 12) creates a 3-dimensional effect with the vivid contrast of the colors providing a sharp visual comparison for finer definition and permits a reading within 0.25 pH. Tridicator® is packaged in 20 foot rolls in a specially designed plastic self-dispenser and provides 33% more paper than ordinary rolls.

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CTL VISO ECO TEST KITS ** Delivery 1-2 weeks **
CTL TEST KITS: New wastewater test kits that provide quick results. Completely portable, these self-contained kits do not require any instrumentation. Viso Eco test kits accurately test a variety of metal and non-metal ions in concentrations as low as 0.01PPM. These affordable kits include an easy-to-use sliding color comparator to check your sample against the standard color chart. Results are obtained within 10 minutes. Simple to follow instructions using pictograms are included.

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